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The Muay Original brand has solely focused on the supply of original Thai Boxing materials. Products ranging from Thai Boxing Gloves, Shin Guards and Coaching Mitts to different Protectors. All Muay products are actually made in Thailand, the country where this sport originated. Due to the high quality control that takes place in Thailand, they deliver excellent products in innovative designs and modern colors.

Muay boxing gloves

Like all Muay products, the boxing gloves are of high quality. In our range of martial arts items you will find Muay boxing gloves for children and adults. Not only does Muay produce excellent boxing gloves for sparring, this top brand also developed bag gloves. Especially for training with a punching bag or Aqua Bag. Although training with a punching bag or Aqua Bag has many advantages, it is not very good for your boxing gloves. When training with a punchbag, the gloves have to endure much more impact, so it’s not strange that they wear out sooner. Think of the amount of power you throw in punches against a punching bag versus the power you throw in punches during your sparring sessions. Special bag gloves are better suited for these purposes, so we can help you prevent damaging your competition or training gloves!

Muay martial arts clothing and protection

Muay Thai Boxing Materials are developed with an eye for innovation and functionality. This is reflected in the Muay Thai boxing shorts with splits on the side. This split gives you more freedom for movement so you can train more comfortably. It is therefore not surprising that many kickboxers nowadays also choose these martial arts pants! In addition to Thai boxing shorts, Muay produces many other martial arts clothing and articles. Think about:

  • Muay headguards;
  • Muay shin guards;
  • Muay Thai Fight T Shirts;
  • Muay body protector.

Muay Thai Boxing Equipment at Aiki-Budo Sport

With Muay Thai boxing equipment you are well protected so you can take your boxing skills to a whole new level, worry free. Train with a partner with the Muay Coaching Mitts or practice during a training session with a punching bag or punching ball. Whatever your goal is, with equipment from Muay you’re one step ahead! If you order your favorite martial arts items before 4 p.m., you will receive them the next day! So take a look at our wide range of Muay Thai Boxing Materials and order the items that suit you.

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