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Gr1ps BJJ uniform

Gr1ps BJJ uniform "super light


Super Light" is the new Grips Brazilian Jiu Jitsu uniform and makes use of new technologies. On the inside of the uniform, at the shoulders is a breathable fabric that keeps you dry. The pants have an elastic cord, which makes for more security and a better fit. Most of the uniform is made of 100% cotton. A triple stitching technology was used, making it durable and comfortable.

Product features:
- 100% cotton
- Fast-drying shoulder padding
- Steamed and washed for a more comfortable fit
- Triple reinforced stitching on ' critical ' points
- Extra thick pants lapel

Please note that the sizes of the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu uniforms are different from most uniforms!
A1 = 160
A2 = 170
A3 = 180 
A4 = 190

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