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About Us

Aiki-Budo Sport has been a martial arts supplier for over 35 years. Started in 1979 by Jan en Joke Lodewijks at the Bos en Lommerweg, they moved to our current location at the Burgemeester van Leeuwenlaan in 1981. In those early years, the main focus of retail was on the traditional budosports, Kick- and Thai Boxing was still at the beginning of the development. In the early 90’s we started with our own RONIN® brand, at first only with Karate and Judo uniforms, and later on we started adding boxing gloves and protective gear to our range. Currently we have a complete RONIN® line for both the traditional martial artist, as the athletes that practise the more physical arts.

In 2005 we made a start with the brand MUAY®. This original Thai brand delivers high quality Thai-box materials made in Thailand. Extra care during production and packaging ensures the quality of the products. At present, the products of both RONIN® and MUAY® are sold on separate locations, including our own store and webshop.

Our team consists of four permanent employees and a number of standby’s, who all have a certain knowledge and understanding of the martial arts. They can therefore give good advice and help you make a choice to buy the right product.

The combination of physical store and web shop has a number of advantages. All materials that are for sale in the webshop are also physically present in our store. You can browse the products in the store, try it on, and later on you can just order them online and we will have it delivered to your home. Of course, the opposite is possible as well. If you ordered something online, and it doesn’t fit, you can always swing by and return it or try on a different size.

At Aiki-Budo Sport we try to serve as best as possible with advice and a fair selection of products with good price / quality ratio. Service and advice are two important factors to us and if are not satisfied, we will always try to solve it to your satisfaction.

We offer you the opportunity to buy your martial arts materials both via the internet and physically in our store. And however you do that, it is important that you are happy with your purchase. Our store has an area of ​​more than 170m2 and is well worth a visit. And to get an idea, you can make a virtual tour below.